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This form will be sent via email to me. If you are interested in ordering a photo, please fill out this form. This does not mean that you are making an order, it simply sends an email to me with your information, and what you are interested in ordering. I will then return your message with all sale information. At that time if you are interested in purchasing a photo we will work out all of the details of payment and shipping.
Photos are priced as follows:

8" x 10" prints are $ + Shipping
11" x 14" prints are $ + Shipping
Any other size that might be needed can be discussed via email.
International Orders - Shipping will be determined by location (US funds only)

Matting and framing is possible upon request. Prices determined at time of sale.

First Name:       Last Name:
Address #1:
Address #2:
City: State: Zip:

Item to Order:

Comments, Questions,
or Instructions:

If you have any problems with this form please email your order information to me, or email if you

have any questions.

Send Order Information to mikelsonphotography@yahoo.com

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